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Grow crops, raise livestock, build relationships and more in the next big farming simulator, Farm-Folks!



Grow Crops
What's a farm simulator without farming mechanics? Clear your farm of logs and other debris, till your soil, plant your seeds, and nurture them to life. Grow a range of seasonal crops from juicy carrots to the tallest corn, farm to your hearts content!

Raise Livestock
Raise all kinds of animals in Farm-Folks. Take care of Fluffy llamas, plump pigs, speedy ostriches and some fat cows! Each animal type produces different items which can be used in recipes, crafting, sold or just eaten to boost your energy!

Build Relationships
Build friendships by bringing gifts to townsfolk, remember their birthdays, attend special town events and more. High friendships may result in receiving special unique gifts from some townsfolk!

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Features in the works:

  • Many more seasonal crops
  • A full mining system implemented
  • In-depth fishing mechanics
  • Vehicle system
  • Full character customization - hair styles and color, skin tone, complete clothing system and more!
  • Main story line, along with many smaller side quests
StatusIn development
Release date Mar 28, 2017
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreSimulation, Role Playing
Tags3D, early-access, Farming, harvest-moon, Open World, simulator, stardew-valley
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksHomepage, Community


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I think the game is dead, don't buy it. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I paid for it and still got nothing


Wonder when the game will be out...It sounds interesting so please inform about it when it the game download  releases (i reeally hope its free to download)


hi can I play this game too please let me know thank you 

I'm really intressted in being a beta/alpha tester for this game is there any way to be that?


Hi Devs is there anyway I could get a free key to try this game out It looks really fun! If not coul'd you please make a demo. I'm a poor person.


where or how do i get htis game

Will it be controller compatible?

I have donated 35.00 U.S and I have joined the Discord Channel is there anyway to get a key sooner I dont mind if its not fully finished just wanna play it asap :p

Hey Devs any news windows version???? You can have my money!!!!!

cus im trying to press new game and nothing is happening

it wont let me play ;-;

if i buy here will i get steam key later

When will it be available for windows??? Soon I hope.....

Can I be a beta tester or can you put out a small demo? I'm scared to buy games without trying them and this looks right up my alley.

Will you be releasing a GNU/Linux version ? This game could be fun !


I love the potential this game has! I can see this game becoming really popular.

A suggestion regarding the grass, would be to have small clusters of grass almost everywhere, which cannot be cut. Basically part of landscape. This grass can then grow longer, which you can then cut back to it's smaller length. The ground looks too bare when all the grass is cut at the moment.

Here's a video of me playing the game:

Looking forward to some updates!

Hey Fynnpire,

Thanks for the feedback and video! It's very well done. In one of our next updates we'll be implementing your suggestion for the grass. Essentially if the grass is on a "grass tile" you can only trim it down so the flat texture will be hidden. However on a soil tile, you can either trim it down or use the pick axe to dig it out (if you wanted the space for something else).